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The multidisciplinary team involved in MemoRio® is composed of:


Bruno da Silva Antunes de Cerqueira (coordinator)

Bruno de Cerqueira (*1979) is a historian, graduated from PUC-Rio (2004); he is specialised on International Relations by the Cândido Mendes University (2008) and is studying Law, in Brasilia.

He is the founder and manager of the IDII, and an indigenist of the Brazilian National Foundation for Indigenous Peoples (, since 2012. For further details, in Portuguese, see here.

Languages: English and French.


Adriana da Silva Serafim

Graduated in History from PUC-Rio (2003), Adriana Serafim (*1979) was the coordinator of the historic-cultural patrimony of the City of Mesquita (Rio de Janeiro State). She was one of the prize-winning students of Oswaldo Cruz Foundation in 2002 for her research on the iluminst ideas of Friar José Mariano da Conceição Veloso e José Joaquim da Cunha de Azeredo Coutinho.

She obtained her mastership on Cultural History at the Rural Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. She is teacher in the Rio Municipal System of Education.

Language: English.



Simone da Silva Serafim

Graduated in Italian and Portuguese Languages from the State of Rio´s University – UERJ (2007), Simone Serafim (*1983) teaches Portuguese in the State’s schools and managed an youth program of the Secretary for Social Assistance of the City of Mesquita (in the Fluminense Coastal Plain – Baixada Fluminense).

Languages: Italian and English.




Margarete Milessis

Graduated in Tourism (1994). She is the founder and manager of Milessis Turismo, since 1997.

Languages: English and Spanish.

Institutional video on Milessis Turismo