Royal and Imperial
Rio de Janeiro

South Zone

Most Noble
Noth Zone

City of Pedros

City of Niteroi

Social Responsability

MemoRio® — the IDII’s Historic-Cultural Tourism Programme — aims to provide tourists to the former Brazilian Imperial Court with the most interesting and specialized cultural sightseeing tours in town.

Thus enables us to offer semi-annually the same carefully organized tours to children from public schools who obtained the best grades in History and Geography.

We are planning to give the “MemoRio Prize for Academic Performance in History and Geography” to the best students of the public system.

Currently the Program has sightseeing tours in Rio, Niterói and Petrópolis cities but we intend it to grow and encompass other areas of Rio de Janeiro State such as the Fluminense Coastal Plain (Baixada Fluminense), the Parahyba River Valley (Vale do Rio Paraíba), Paraty, Angra dos Reis and the Lakes Region (Região dos Lagos).

MemoRio® is therefore a Programme that develops the tourism potential of Rio de Janeiro. We believe that increasing the economic potential in the tourism sector is the most important activity for our City and State. At the same time MemoRio® provides knowledge and cultural identity to all, including the public students who are the poorest Brazilian children.